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the floating librarian

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sea Olympics

Sweet kids' faces poked through the holes for the seahorses in our banner
Once the Atlantic crossing activities were over, we also had the Sea Olympics to look forward to while traveling from Brazil to Barbados. The Sea Olympics events were intensely competitive, challenging our physical, mental, and emotional strength. As you can see below*

water balloon toss

slippery Twister, on a moving ship

Seahorses synchronized swimming. We tanked.

Faculty, staff, dependents and lifelong learners formed the SAS Seahorses team. I was proud to contribute 100 points to our historic win by acing the Backwards Spelling Bee (final word: baccalaureate). Kudos to my worthy runner-up, Kayla Simon of Nebraska.

As an elder member of the adult cohort, I also led off our lipsync medley, Evolution of Dance in Glazer Lounge (the faculty lounge, where the students were immensely curious about nighttime activities) by demanding some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

The World Religions professor astounded students with his dance to 'Beat It'

SAS Seahorses won the whole thing, marking the first time in SAS history that faculty had won. The prize: first group to debark when we reached the US. Plus an evening in Glazer Lounge, which we donated to the 2nd place team.

*I borrowed some photos from John Dahl's blog as I can't find mine. I suspect they're on the flash drive I left at work, which is not nearly as close as Glazer Lounge or the ship computer lab were : (

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